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Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt® 0-0-3 The Silicon Solution® 8oz

Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt® 0-0-3 The Silicon Solution® 8oz

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Pro-TeKt® 0-0-3 The Silicon Solution®

Pro-TeKt® 0-0-3, The Silicon Solution® is a supplement that supplies silicon and higher levels of potassium to build stronger plant cell walls.

  • Since silicon does not trans-locate within the plant, it must be applied and made available continually throughout the plant’s life cycle.
  • In hydroponics, Pro-TeKt is a replacement for the silica normally found in soils, though those natural levels provide only slight  benefits to plants.
  • Plants supplied regularly with Pro-TeKt experience increased rates of growth and stronger stems.
  • Deposited in a hard, opalene form in the epidermis of leaves and stems, silicon adds mechanical strength and supports plants’ natural defenses against insects and fungal infection.
  • Plants become more tolerant to drought, heat, and cold stresses, and will support  the weight of dense, heavy buds.
  • Pro-TeKt can be used as a surfactant and to raise pH.  Pro-TeKt® The Silicon Solution® is recommended for all plants.


Application Rates for Cannabis

  • Hydroponics: Mix ½ to 1 tsp. per gallon of water for recirculating systems.
  • Siphon Mixer: (1:15 ratio) Mix ½ to 2 fl. oz. per gallon of water for a concentrate feed solution.
  • Irrigation Injector: (1:100 ratio) Mix 8-10 fl. oz. per gallon of water to make an injectable concentrate.  Apply Pro-TeKt® separately when using a single head injector.
  • Foliar Application: Mix ¼ to ½ tsp. per gallon of water and spray directly of leaves.
  • For outdoor applications in soil, feed 1 – 2 tsp/gal with every watering.

Note: Because a high pH is required to keep Pro-TeKt® in solution, the concentrate cannot be mixed with any acidic fertilizer.  Therefore, apply Pro-TeKt® separately when using a single head injector.


“When we had spoke 2 weeks ago you had told me to try a little bit of a KLN and the Pro-Tekt for rooting. Attached are some pictures of the results. These pictures were taken at 1 week and 6 days from my initial cut off of the mother plant. Awesome results!  I Saw white root  tips as early as 1 week and 2 days and in 4 more days you can see where they are now. Thank you so much for the tip and all of the help.” Walter Peters

“This year we trialed Pro-Tekt on our crop of ornamental Hydrangeas for the Garfield Park Conservatory. We were very pleased with the results. There were significant visual improvements in the quality of our finished product. Specifically, a dramatic reduction in powdery mildew which we had problems controlling in previous years with other products.”   Neil Gilbert, Floriculturist Foreman, Garfield Park Conservatory

“I feel obligated to shout out to Dyna-Gro products for working as advertised!  Had a malfunction in the tent today and temps hit 100 degrees.  Luckily I consistently feed my ladies Pro-TeKt, which helps manage stress during temperature swings!  Well it definitely helped today, shortly after I fixed the situation my ladies were all praying just as hard as they usually do.  Thank you Dyna-Gro.”  Max Yield

Dyna-Gro is the simplest, easiest to use, least expensive, and most effective line I have ever used now that I have gotten everything tuned in with the addition of those few select products. I spend hundreds less on my nutes, spend way less time mixing solutions, and I am getting better results than ever before!”

“I strongly encourage people to try this recipe as well as using the base nutes and Pro-Tekt in your own regimens and see the difference it makes. Dyna Gro is the standard for research at universities for a reason.”  Joe

“Excellent product. Helps to hold the bud weight and works wonders on ALL my plants!” Instagram user

“The Dyna-Gro bay was producing plants that were stronger and more resistant to disease thanks to the Pro-Tekt. This is some really really good stuff! Hands down the best silicate on the market.  Ill use it from here on out on all my plants at every stage of growth be it indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse.”

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