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Orchid Nerd ™ Rhizome Clips

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Rhizome clips help orchids quickly establish a strong root system. They can be used with Orchids, bromeliads or any other plant you want to secure in the pot. Lay a clip lengthwise across the top of the potting medium in the clear spaces between pseudobulbs. Position the clip end atop the rim of the pot, then hammer it down, securing it to the rim of the pot. Repeat in another part of the pot if necessary. Two clips may be needed depending on the size of the pot. For a smaller plant, one clip will be sufficient."

  • 4", 5", 6" Long available in 10 and 25 packs
  • Easy to use. Pot your plant, then place the end of the clip in between the bulbs/canes/rhizomes and slip the other end over the edge of the pot.
  • Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel wire.
  • Helps giving plants a good chance for successful new root growth
  • Orchid clips are functional but they can also be decorative

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