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Fall Staking and Grooming

Posted by Dave Off OrchidNerd.Com on

Fall Staking and Grooming

Fall Staking and Grooming

As many plants are starting to send up flower spikes and flowering growths this time of year, it is important to stake any wayward wanderers. A properly groomed plant can be the difference of jumping up to the next ribbon on the show table. Flower spikes that are trained early will present the flowers more naturally in the proper position. Be sure when staking immature spikes and growths that you are careful not to secure them too tightly to the stake. Most spikes and active growth continue to stretch (the entire spike/growth moves, not just the tip) and if it is tied too tightly, it can become deformed or even break the spike/growth off.

Fall Staking and Grooming
Fall Staking and Grooming

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Fall Staking and Grooming
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