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Artificial Lighting for this Winter

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Artificial Lighting for this Winter
 If you do not have a window that provides sufficient natural sunlight, consider supplementing with grow lights or completely going to artificial lighting. One advantage of growing under lights is that you are able to grow in any room in your house. Complete light carts are available and come equipped with lighting and
humidity trays. To receive the proper intensity, orchids will need to be within 3-6 inches of regular florescent lights. When using high intensity lights carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the proper distance from your plants to prevent burning the foliage. Most lights will also produce a certain amount of heat so be sure to have good ventilation and air movement. In order for your orchid plants to flower consistently, you will need to adjust your light timers to replicate natural daylight. We suggest increasing one hour each month from January (11 hrs) until June (16 hrs) then decreasing one hour starting in July (15 hrs) until December (10 hrs).

  The basement is an excellent choice for a growing area because it will stay at a uniform temperature and will have sufficient humidity. Heavy duty plastic or reflective aluminum can be used to insulate ceiling joists and curtain off an area. By hanging florescent light fixtures over plant tables and adding an oscillating fan for air movement, you will have your very own subterranean greenhouse.

Artificial Lighting for this Winter
Artificial Lighting for this Winter

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Artificial Lighting for this Winter
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