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Orchid Nerd ™ Compressed Sphagnum Moss 5 Kilo

  • 15000

Our fibered sphagnum moss is cultivated with care and precision to ensure that it is always soft, clean. Sphagnum moss is known for its moisture-holding abilities use this compressed moss alone, or mix it with other substrates to create a custom soil mix.

Horticulturists have long known the benefits of Compressedfibered sphagnum moss. With its unique qualities of retaining 20 times its weight in water and its anti-bacterial sterility, sphagnum moss has become an indispensable gardening tool in the propagation and beautification process.

This very clean premium compressed sphagnum moss has long, thick fibers for excellent water retention. Use for fantastic root growth, alone or in a mix. Compressed block expands to hold 20 times its weight in water.

Preparation of Sphagnum: Place sphagnum in a container of water and allow moss to swell and re-hydrate completely. Using warm water can speed the process up.

IMPORTANT: The tighter the moss is packed, the less water it holds. If the sphagnum is packed too tightly, it will shed water faster. Never allow the moss to dry out completely. The continuously moist moss medium provides a convenient and beneficial source of constant humidity to the young plant.

Sphagnum Moss is preferred over any other type of moss for terrarium use due to its unique softness and amazing moisture-holding ability. Harvested using sustainable methods to ensure that it will be around for future generations. Sphagnum moss is a wonderful addition to your terrarium because of its moisture-holding ability. Moss is great for most species of frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, invertebrates, and small snakes.

  • 5 Kilo will pot 150-200 plants

Calculations are based on  4-5" pots.



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