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Orchid Nerd ® Medium Fir Bark 2 Cubic Foot.

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Medium Fir Bark


Fir bark is the most important ingredient used in orchid potting media. A flat-screened bark nugget material containing very little wood and graded carefully by particle size. This material is commonly used in the growing medium for orchid plants. It has a rough surface for roots to cling to and does not compact allowing air and water to pass through the root system of the plant.

The mulch shall be derived from the bark of fir and shall be granular in structure with the majority of the particles falling between 1/4" to 3/4” in diameter. (This product is suggested for growing orchids in medium to large plant-growing containers.

A minimum rate for good coverage in plant beds is 3 cubic yards per 1,000 sq. ft.).

  • Medium Grade - The major component used in most epiphytic orchid potting media.
  • Particle Size: 1/4” - 3/8”
    Species: Fir



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