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Orchid Nerd ™ K-Lite fertilizer formula (12-1-1-10Ca-3Mg) 8 ounces

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  • 1999

K-Lite fertilizer formula (12-1-1-10Ca-3Mg) is a high quality compound fertilizer that combines macronutrients, secondary nutrients.It has been developed in response to studies suggesting that excessive potassium, whether applied, obtained from, or accumulated in growing media can have a negative impact on the health of plants, especially in the absence of adequate calcium and magnesium levels. It's very low in Phosphate and Soluble Potash also contains no urea. The belief that the K builds up in the media over time and inhibits proper nutrient uptake. Many fertilizers are formulated to get the plants big and out the nursery door, not necessarily for long term application. Organic orchid media (moss, bark, CHC) store of monovalent cations (K and Na) better than divalent ones (like Ca, Mg), so after fertilizing plants repeatedly (as we all do), they can become saturated with K, causing root zone toxicity issues (“salt buildup”).


  • Instantly feeds to grow bigger, more beautiful plants vs unfed plants
  • Well-fed plants are healthier, more productive and more beautiful.
  • Great for orchids, all flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants .Use on container or in ground plants.
  • Makes one gallon liquid solution at 125 ppm N. Can be used 3/4tsp per gallon dry form, or 1oz stock solution per gallon.

Orchid Nerd ™ K-Lite fertilizer formula (12-1-1-10Ca-3Mg) 8



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