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Orchid Nerd ™12 inch Single Clip-on Pot Hanger (5 Pack)

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This 12 inch single clip Orchid Nerd Hanger is a great way to hang a potted plant from nearly any vertical surface. Made of heavy gauge galvanized wire, these clips save space in your greenhouse or growing area by enabling you to hang a pot spaciously and free up floor space.

  • Made of heavy gauge galvanized wire; the ends clip-on the pot rim to hold securely and enables the pot to be hung up secure. Re usable.
  • Single Hangers are great for clay and plastic pots. This hanger is the perfect size to hang any diameter pot with a lip to clip the hanger on up to seven Inches. (Plastic may be used on plastic pots with a 1" rim.)
  • Attaches easily to edge of pot. Clips to pot Single shank.

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