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What is Dyna Grow Fertilizer

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What is Dyna Grow Fertilizer

The Science Behind Dyna Grow Fertilizer

After you've planted your orchid in a pot, nutrients are absorbed through the roots of your plant. After a length of time, most of the nutrients are taken out of the mix for use by the plants. Until those nutrients are replaced, the plants will no longer be able to absorb what they need. One way to replace these essential nutrients is to add Dyna Grow fertilizer to the soil. It adds essential macro and micro nutrients back into the mix to ensure the optimum health for your plants.

What does Dyna Grow Fertilizer provide that your plants need? The following is a list of the 17 elements necessary (along with air, light and water) for proper plant growth.

Macro Nutrients

  • Nitrogen - stimulates stem and leaf growth
  • Phosphorus - affects seed germination and plant growth
  • Potassium - affects turgor pressure, sugar production and cell division
  • Calcium - affects water movement and activates enzymes
  • Magnesium - component of chlorophyll; needed in the development of fruits, nuts and seed germination
  • Sulphur - needed by chlorophyll; also gives flavor to fruits and vegetables

Micro Nutrients

  • Boron - needed for flowering, fruiting, cell division and more within a plant
  • Chlorine - promotes osmosis, affects water movement and photosynthesis
  • Cobalt - needed by nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • Copper - needed to metabolize nitrogen
  • Iron - used in the synthesis of chlorophyll
  • Manganese - affects photosynthesis, cell respiration and metabolizing nitrogen
  • Molybdenum - needed by nitrogen-fixing bacteria; also needed for amino acid development
  • Nickel - used for iron uptake and for seed germination
  • Sodium - used in osmosis and to metabolize nitrogen
  • Silicon - helps to make a plant resistant to pests, extends bloom life, improves resistance to heat and cold temperatures
  • Zinc - necessary for stem growth, metabolizing carbohydrates and protein synthesis

Plant Supplements

For established plants, adding the right supplements can make a big difference in the quality of blooms and fruits as well as the general health of the plant. There are many different Dyna Gro fertilizers that can help a gardener accomplish this. They include:

  • Mag-Pro 2-15-4: This is used as a bloom booster. It contains magnesium, sulphur and phosphorus. Add this to your watering schedule.
  • Pro-TeKt 0-0-3: Give this to your plants to make your plants less susceptible to sucking pests and to increase cell wall strength. This liquid supplement contains silicon and potassium.
  • Liquid Grow 7-9-5: This provides all of the nutrition that your plant will need to thrive. It is especially helpful for gardeners that have rocky soil. It may also be used as a foliar spray. Its fertilizer contains all of the macro and micro nutrients that plants need.
  • Liquid Bloom 3-12-6: This provides all of the nutrition that your flowering plants need. It will encourage larger, healthier blooms from your plants. Apply before the buds appear each growing season.
  • Foliage-Pro 9-3-6: Used to improve the health of indoor plants. It helps to reduce salt build up and increases mineral absorption by the plant.
  • All-Pro 7-7-7: This fertilizer will provide your indoor or outdoor plants with complete nutrition. May also be used by gardeners using hydroponics.
  • Hi-N-Pro 10-5-5: This liquid plant food will provide plants with an extra boost of nitrogen. A few of the plants that can benefit from this liquid fertilizer include bamboo, foliar plants and palm trees.
As with any fertilizer, following the directions carefully is necessary to prevent adverse effects to plants. Follow the directions before dosing your plants with fertilizer. The end result should be healthier, stronger plants with blooms and fruits that will be the envy of the neighborhood!
What is Dyna Grow Fertilizer
What is Dyna Grow Fertilizer

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What is Dyna Grow Fertilizer
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