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 There is no doubt growing orchids is good for your health. Some 15-30% of heart attacks are caused by high levels of stress. So many of us, after a long day of going and going, just want to take a few minutes (or longer) with our plants. Tending to or just looking at our orchids, helps us to relax and can relieve the stress of the day.

 Can't get enough good air? Those with large collections can. 300-400 plants are needed to produce enough oxygen to sustain one adult human. OK, we know pride comes before destruction, but all of us have to admit that we feel just a little better when we do a nice job of growing our plants and when they bloom, Look Out! But seriously, people that love to grow orchids are some of the nicest and most relaxed people you will ever meet.



David Off ( ) is a 3rd generation grower of Waldor Orchids. ( )

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