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Orchid Potting Stick

Posted by William Robinson on

An orchid potting stick is a tool that is used to help you re-pot your orchids. It is typically made of a long, thin piece of wood or plastic with a flat end. The flat end is used to tamp down the potting mix around the roots of the orchid. This helps to ensure

Orchid Potting Stick

that the orchid is planted firmly and

that the roots have good contact with the potting mix.

Orchid potting sticks are a relatively inexpensive tool that can be a great help when re-potting your orchids. They can be found at most garden centers and online retailers.


Here are some tips for using an orchid potting stick:

  • Make sure that the potting stick is clean before using it. You can wash it with soap and water or wipe it down with a disinfectant.
  • Choose a potting stick that is the right size for the orchid you are re-potting. If the potting stick is too large, it will be difficult to tamp down the potting mix. If the potting stick is too small, it will not be able to tamp down the potting mix effectively.
  • Tamp down the potting mix around the roots of the orchid gently. Do not press too hard, or you could damage the roots.
  • After you have re-potted the orchid, water it well.

Orchid Nerd Potting Stick

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