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Orchid Nerd ™ Metal Wire Plant Support and Garden Stake

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Top heavy and tall garden plants need a little bit of extra help to keep them from toppling over and snapping.   Easy to use just place the stem to slide through slot into loop. This will help your support your plant and minimize the chance of those stems are less likely to curve, crease in steam, break or lose blossoms especially when stems are covered with open blossoms and buds during windy periods.This innovative design allows you to introduce support to even fully grown plants without the risk of damage.The strong solid frame is sturdy enough to insert into even soil . It’s suited to either indoor or outdoor use, giving your green fingers total flexibility.

  • Easy to install by pushing into ground and feeding plant stem through top opening
  • High quality plant support made to the most robust specifications 
  • Ideal for daffodils, tulips, lilies and many other blooming plants, this long stem support holds top-heavy blooms upright without detracting from their presentation.
  • All metal, it combines function and form, making a perfect staking solution for container bulbs and plants both indoors and out.

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