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Phyton 27 8oz

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Phyton-27® is a systemic bactericide and fungicide labeled for a wide variety of ornamental plants, nursery crops and trees. Its unique composition goes beyond the traditional disease control of copper-based products without the traditional side effects. Phyton-27 works within the plant to provide integral disease control and often enhances overall plant health and vitality.

  • True systemic: readily absorbed and can move throughout the plant
  • Preventive & curative for root and foliar diseases
  • Use throughout the growing season, from propagation up to the time of harvest
  • Low risk of phytotoxicity
  • Rainfast/waterfast. Saves time and money on spray applications
  • Highly effective at times of plant stressors, (i.e. during propagation, transplantation, transportation, and disease-inducing weather conditions)
  • Compatible with most Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs and biocontrols
  • For use in the Greenhouse, Nursery, Field, Landscape, and Interiorscape


Benefits Profile

Systemic - effective against internal pathogens as well as on the surface, and does not wash off
Invisible - no residue on treated material, including blooms
Broad spectrum labeling for host crops and pathogens
Gentle on young, tender tissue and most plants in full bloom
Effective at stress points like propagation, transplant, crowding prior to sale or shipment, or disease-inducing weather conditions
Compatible with most IPM programs and biocontrols

Flexibility: When, Where & How

When: From start to finish - Phyton-27 is gentle on the most tender plant tissue at all stages of the growth cycle, including seedlings, cuttings and most open, finished blooms.
Where: Phyton-27 is labeled for the greenhouse, nursery, field, landscape or interiorscape.
How: Phyton-27 can be used as a hydraulic or low volume foliar spray, soil drench, fog, cut flower dip, cutting dip, tree trunk injection or through a chemigation system.

Always consult the appropriate product label prior to use.




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