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Max. tenuifolia Maxillaria Species 2.5" Pot.

Max. tenuifolia `Green Valley' Coconut Orchid Maxillaria Species 3" Pot

  • 4000

Max. tenuifolia `Green Valley'


Maxillaria tenuifolia are interesting bulbs are topped with thin grassy leaves. The red flowers smell strongly of sweet coconut! Very fragrant, easy to grow. This variety gets a larger, rounder bulb than a typical specimen. Flower shown is a stock photo, this variety is a little large bloom and a brighter red.

  • 3" Pot (Large Plants)
  • Blooming Size
  • Spring/Summer Bloomer

    Plants are easy to grow and like intermediate conditions. During the late fall and into winter, plants should be allowed to go completely dry in between waterings to help to induce flowers.

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