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Centerpieces for your next special occasion.
At Waldor Orchids, we know how important the flower arrangements for your next special event are to you. We can provide plants or centerpieces for your next special occasion.

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Waldor Price: $34.95
The flowers are exceptionally shaped, dark lavender and have a magenta lip and a golden throat. The lip on the flower has a feathery texture.Blooming size plant in a 5" pot.
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Waldor Price: $24.95
Blooming Size
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Waldor Price: $1.00
5" Plastic Azalea Pot
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Waldor Price: $29.95
Charcoal is added to orchid mix with the intention of keeping the mix sweet and to filter impurities.
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Waldor Price: $6.95
Tree Fern Plaque 4 x 6 Tree Fern is an excellent growing medium for orchids, air plants, ferns and more.
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Waldor Price: $24.95
This plant produces white and green, large spidery flowers. They are successive bloomers with each spike producing several of these fragrant blooms.