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Espoma Garden-tone 1.5 LB

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FOR NATURALLY DELICIOUS VEGETABLES Garden-tone is an all-natural organic fertilizer formulated specifically for vegetable gardens. It is long lasting, and will provide the nutrients necessary for vigorous and productive plants. Garden-tone's all natural formula contains Bio-tone, our proprietary blend of beneficial microbes. Bio-tone biologically enhances our natural organic fertilizer to ensure superior plant growth.

  • Grow delicious cool and warm season vegetables like lettuce, kale, tomatoes, peppers & squash
  • Use for herbs like basil, chives, sage, rosemary, parsley & oregano
  • Long-lasting, slow-release feeding with our exclusive Bio-tone Microbes
  • Grow an abundant harvest of nutritious & flavorful vegetables
  • 100% natural & organic ingredients with no fillers or sludges
  • 1 pound equals approx. 3 cups.

When to use:

  • Mix into the garden soil prior to planting.
  • Seedlings / Transplants: 7 – 10 days after planting.
  • Established plants: Monthly, May through Aug.
  • Herbs will only require feeding at time of planting or after a large harvest.

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