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Dynamite Complete Plant Food for Orchids & Bromeliads 10-10-17 - 1lb

  • 999

  • Feeds continuously up to 9 months
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in 1 pound bottles with a convenient shaker lid


10-10-17 contains micro-nutrients that feeds for up to 9 months! Simply add the appropriate amount of Dynamite for your size plant. Sprinkle around the roots and water as usual for up to 9 months of complete nutrition. The Nutritional Content of this plant food helps establish healthier roots, strong stems, and greener plants and more blooms


Instructions: Shake Dynamite into the hole and near the roots, then water thoroughly. Potted or established plants: Sprinkle and mix into the top inch of soil, then water thoroughly.

 Suggested Application Rates:
Plant/Pot Size: 4-4.5″ • Amount of Dynamite: 1/2 TBS or 1/3 Capful
Plant/Pot Size: 6″- 1 Gal. • Amount of Dynamite: 1 1/3 TBS or 2/3 Capful
Plant/Pot Size: 3 Gal. • Amount of Dynamite: 2 1/3 TBS or 1 1/3 Capful
Plant/Pot Size: 5 Gal. • Amount of Dynamite: 3 2/3 TBS or 1 2/3 Capful
Broadcast Rate: 1 tablespoon per square foot



This product contains Boron B and should be used according to directions only, especially on crops sensitive to Boron B uptake. The application of fertilizing materials containing Molybdenum (Mo) may result in forage crops containing levels of Molybdenum (Mo) which are toxic to ruminant animals.



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