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Dynamite All-Purpose Plant Food 18-6-8 1lb

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Dynamite All-Purpose Plant Food 18-6-8 is an excellent product for all flowering trees and shrubs, houseplants, ferns, palms, grasses, and herbs. It has balanced rates of NPK and essential micro-nutrients to encourage the establishment of roots, create strong stems and branches, and promote greener foliage and more numerous blooms. Dynamite Flower & Vegetable Plant Food comes in a bottle with an easy-to-use shaker top, and it will feed plants continuously for up to nine months.


  • Premium Plant food helps vegetables and flowers grow stronger
  • Up to 9 months of feeding with a time-release formula
  • Contains necessary micronutrients  indoor and outdoor plants


Suggested Application Rates:

Plant/Pot Size: 4-4.5″           • Amount: 1/2 TBS or 1/3 Capful
Plant/Pot Size: 6″- 1 Gal.     • Amount: 1 1/3 TBS or 2/3 Capful
Broadcast Rate: 1 tablespoon per square foot

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