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Brs. Rex `Christine' AM/AOS 4" Pot

Brs. Rex `Christine' AM/AOS 4" Pot

  • 1995

Brs. Rex `Christine' AM/AOS (Brs. verrucosa x Brs. gireoudiana)

Easy growing and reliable flowering. `Christine’ can produce 12 or more 35cm flowers on this compact growing plant which can flower twice a year. A must for every collection.

  • 4" pot
  • Blooming size

Brassia Culture

This genus is full of fragrant spiders ranging in size from 7.5 cm to 50 cm. Displayed on graceful arching stems, they are stunning. No one can pass one without noticing it. They are mostly yellow to chartreuse with mocha markings, some can be quite dark. Some of the more recently described species have more compact plant habit and very interesting flowers. The species belonging to genus Ada were formerly part of the Brassias and so appear on this page. These are usually more highly coloured. All require bright light. Hybrids improve ease of culture and increase the number of flowers. Withholding water slightly as bulbs mature will help induce flowering.

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