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Angcm. Crestwood `Three Spur' Angraecum 2.25" Pot.

Angcm. Crestwood `Three Spur' Angraecum 4" Pot

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Angcm. Crestwood `Three Spur'

(Veitchii x sesquipidale)

Large flowered Angraecum, star shaped flowers with a long spur. This is a peloric flower, with spurs on the petals too. Very unique.

Flower shown is the parent plant, sesquipidale, which is similar in size color and shape, except it does not show the extra spurs.

Needs bright light and a well drained potting medium. Fragrant.

  • 4" Pot
  • Near Blooming Size
  • Summer Bloomer

Plants will grow well in intermediate to warm conditions with 5+ hours of sunlight slightly shaded.

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