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Potting Stick for Re-potting your Orchid Plants

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  For years, I could not find the proper tool to tamper my media down around my plants during re-potting season.  Then I found this Waldor potting stick that are  12" long and tapered at one end to help work the media around the roots of the plant and are made of a high strength fiberglass resin and very durable with a comfortable handle that will fit in your palm that will help speed up your potting chores.

  They also have the same weight and balance as the antique potting sticks we use at our greenhouse. These potting sticks are must have item if you do a lot of re-potting. Made of a professional grade high strength fiberglass resin and very durable they do not crack or chip. Water-resistant for durable and long lasting wear. Also making it easy to disinfect and clean. They are lightweight and sturdy and tapered at one end to tamp down Mix or soil around base of a plant.

  I personally prefer the taper to be a little thinner at the edge but overall the comfortable felt great in my hand. If you do a lot of re-potting of orchid plants and other household plants I would recommend giving this item a try.




David Off ( ) is a 3rd generation grower of Waldor Orchids.
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