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Holiday Flowers for Years to Come

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Holiday Flowers for Years to Come

During the Holiday Seasons, we are all so busy, that it becomes just another thing we have to do, if we have to go out and buy decorations for the Holidays. While Phaleanopsis, Cymbidiums and some Dendrobiums flower when cold induced and Oncidiums, Paphiopedilums and Evergreen Dendrobiums flower when their new growth matures, their blooming seasons are not dependable or always predictable. Cattleyas, on the other hand, have a photo period, meaning, they flower on a certain length of daylight. So when you buy a Cattleya that has just opened, next year's flowers should start to open, within a two week window of the previous year’s blooms. Other factors such as supplemental lights (even an incandescent bulb nearby), temperature and whether we have several cloudy weeks contribute to the two week time frame. Buying Cattleyas now, will provide beautiful Holiday decorations for years to come, during the same Seasonal time period.

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