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Fall Chills and how it helps your orchid plants

Posted by Dave Off OrchidNerd.Com on

                                                 Fall Chills

With the beautiful fall weather that descends on the northeastern United States this time of year, consider what it can do for your plants. Some orchids love to cool off during the night hours. Others need a drop in temperature to initiate new flower spikes. Most orchids will benefit from a general slowing of growth due to cooler weather and develop better color in the flowers as a result of the same.

A note of caution would be to be sure that warmer growing plants are protected on the coolest nights and special care is taken not to allow plants to sit wet when it is cold as that is a prime condition that might infect your orchids with fungus or rot.
So get some friends together, stoke the chiminea and enjoy an evening of the cool fall chills.

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